Authenticity poured:
Owner-grower producers, certified organic methods, climate-controlled importation.

No regrets.



Reward Healthy Choices & Routines

Don’t blow your good choices and sacrifices on cheap prosecco or sugary cocktails. Getting the most out of life starts with what goes in. Make it count.


Feel Less Side Effects from Responsible Consumption

Low Sulfates, Low Alcohol, More Enjoyment.


Collapse the Distance from the Vineyard

We do it with temperature controlled transport from vineyard to retailer. It’s life saving for taste and organic benefits. Any closer to the connection between AVID Vines selections and its owner-growers, and you'd be picking the grapes.



Organic, Clean, Exceptional Artisanal,
New (to America)

It’s an OCEAN of difference. To experience it yourself, we’ll ship your order to your favorite retailer for free, reserved under your name.